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  • Moodle VLE for SLGGS/ Moodle for Computer Science

    What is Moodle?

    Moodle is a web based learning environment that allows teachers and students to communicate effectively, by sharing files, information, discussion forumns etc.

    How do I use Moodle?

    Your teachers will set up courses which you can access with your normal username and password. When you first go into Moodle, you will need to join the courses your teacher has asked you to. You can then select the course and see what resources and assignments you need to complete. You may be able to hand in work on paper or electronically you will need to check with your teacher of the subject. You can also access Moodle from home using the Web address You do not need to put WWW at the start of the address.

    Account restrictions

    • Moodle is monitored at all times, this included chats and discussion forums.
    • Moodle has an integrated messaging system which is available at certain times.

    Any student who abuses this system by sending messages that are offensive or inappropriate will face punishment. If you find anything that is offensive please report it immediately to Mr Green. Thank you.

    Moodle for Computer Science


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